Kristine Caluya is a very ethnically ambiguous mixed triple threat plus talent. 

Based in Los Angeles, she is a professional Film and Television Screen actress, model and dancer.

She has trained with top names, leading casting directors and prestigious schools in screen, theatre, improvisation in various countries across the globe including the USA. 

She has degrees in drama from New Zealand (NZ Performing Arts School), Australia (Academy of Screen Performance) and United Kingdom (Trinity College). 

She is trained in both dramatic acting and comedic and has had years of training of improv in New Zealand, London and USA and is a former Upright Citizens Brigade student. 

Kristine has worked on various television shows, commercials, music videos, feature films, short films and theater for many years. She originally began acting and dance at the young age of seven years old but took it seriously as a career in 2001 and has consistently worked as an actress in New Zealand, Australia, UK and USA.

Kristine is also a trained professional dancer and dances hip hop, jazz, contemporary, modern, belly and ballet.

She also has a mezzo/soprano voice range.

She is also trained in martial arts in kickboxing, ninjitsu, brazilian ju-jitsu and combat firearms, sword fighting.

She plays a variety of versatile characters of many different nationalities and broad range.

She can do a multitude of accents such as New Zealand, Australian, Thai, Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, English and Standard American and Southern American.

She is a trained professional who is reliable, dependable, focused and prefers working in professionally talented happy environments.

She is most prominently known for her role on international TV Show 'Shortland Street' (NZ's longest running soap opera on par of ER theme) for the infamous bad girl role of Suchin. The TV Show aired in several countries: New Zealand, various parts of Europe especially the UK and Ireland and Asia. 

She is also known for her roles on the indie movie 'Shades' and webseries '2 For Flinching'. Both got various awards at various festivals in the USA and overseas. She also had a role on the indie movie 'Foxfur' directed by underground filmmaker Damon Packard. 

Kristine has also written and produced three short films and two plays. She also co-founded Auckland Writers Group in New Zealand. 

She is currently working on various screen and television projects in the works. 

Kristine believes that acting is not just an art, nor is it just a job; it is Kristine’s life as her goal is to perfect her craft and gain status for her craft. 



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