Kristine has had a good few years of experience within the entertainment sector globally. She has worked on various films, short films, television, commercials, music videos, stage etc. 

Screen is her key passion and area of expertise, particularly film then television and bits in-between.

Kristine thrives on as much acting challenges as she possibly can obtain. Her goal is to build her career as a character, not just an actor and have the ability to play a wide varied range of personalities from prostitutes, the insane, the good girl, animated, femme fatale, wife, mother, school girl, spy, killer, intelligent etc.

Due to the unique range of her looks she has been lucky to obtain many opportunities to explore roles of different ethnicity and cultures. She also sings in mezzo/soprano range and is a professional dancer and can incorporate her singing and dancing abilities into her film and TV projects as well as martial arts and sword fighting or firearms.

Kristine is prepared to tackle any role, any character, any genre, any challenge and is always willing to expand her skills constantly.



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