Update news on Kristine's career progress.


August 2009:

- Kristine will be moving over to Sharon Power Management and managed directly by Sharon Power for all Screen Acting, Screen Dance, Print/Commercial Modelling, Commercial, Theatre and Musical Theatre work.

- Kristine has landed a dancer role on the NZ band 'Minuit' new song.

- Kristine is currently second shortlisted for a small role on a big hit Australian TV Series. Currently she is still awaiting on the decision.

- Kristine is now signed up to Holley Management for Dance work only on Events and Corporate work as well as Promotional Modelling work.

- Kristine is now signed up to Brand Events for Dance and Acting / Promo Modelling Corporate Events and Events work only.

- Kristine has just landed a part in a independant feature film to be shot in Vancouver Canada in Novemember 2009 or early 2010. Pre-production is beginning.

- Kristine has just finished the completion of her new headshots shot by well known top NZ and LA photographer 'Owen Allison'.


July 2009:

- UK actor "Richard Burke" launched for the first time "Industry Hollywood" in both Auckland and Wellington with great sucess! Kristine is very pleased to have been the involved in bringing NZ Entertainers the opportunity to part-take.


June 2009:

- In 2006, Kristine had produced a series of four short films, three of which are all complete and ready for further submissions, etc. In mid-late 2009 they will finally be submitted to various TV stations in Australia and New Zealand and also be submitted to various film festivals around the world including a possible short film DVD compliation. The short films are: "The Singing Surgeon" and "Minute Men" (of which both had successful screenings in the 2007/2008 "48 Hours Film Festival" of which "The Singing Surgeon" had even won a Runner Up award in the 10th heat of the competition) and lastly "The Agent" of which has taken over three years in the making and has had its first screening in the first ever Auckland Fringe Festival. Look out for these films very soon!

- In Novemember 2008, Kristine had produced a fifth short film titled "The Last Night". Due to post production difficulties, the film is yet to be edited and completed and should be done very soon as the production has just hired a new editor!

- In July 2009, UK actor "Richard Burke" is bringing to New Zealand for the very first time his very successful "Industry Hollywood" Visa Seminar of which Kristine is assisting on the New Zealand front of importing Richard over for the event.







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